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WAFLT 2017

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Boost Creativity & Proficiency with Augmented Reality?




  • What do you see?
  • What do you think about that?
  • What does it make you wonder?


Teleport yourselves-virtual traveling instantly to random places

Visible thinking strategies

Collaboration protocols

Protocol (shortened) in Spanish (Resolver un problema)


Final presentation-Save the Planet!



Thinglink-interact virtually with images

Picasso’s Guernica

La tamalada

4, 2, 1 reflection


Protocol / 4, 2,1 Handout


Classroom engagement video-Art


Self-Expression through Art-summative assessment

(Click arrow to see 2nd slide.)


Virtual Tours

YouVisit Vienna

La Alhambra


Engagement Structures

Classroom timers

Liberating Structures

Kagan ($)

Simultaneous Roundtable

Socratic Seminar-about poetry in English (easily adaptable to Spanish)


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