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WAFLT Summer Institute 2016

Page history last edited by Deana Zorko 7 years, 8 months ago

Journey to a journey: Teaching…one step at a time


Deana Zorko

2015 Central States Teacher of the Year

Madison West High School



A learning framework for students...a journey in progress...

My full personal statement on the value of learning language and culture can be read here.


Number 1: Create a safe and culturally rich classroom environment where meaningful peer interactions take place in the target language.

Peer Interaction Tools


Chrome Google Apps and Extensions

Liberating Structures

Kagan ($)

Simultaneous Roundtable

Socratic Seminar-about poetry in English (easily adaptable to Spanish)


Peer Interaction Examples


Art Activities

Daily warm up handout

Classroom video-Art


Self-Expression through Art

(Click arrow to see 2nd slide.)

Art and Literature

Unit Plan-Las medias rojas-Emilia Pardo Bazán

FRQs-Las medias rojas-Emilia Pardo Bazán


Social Justice

Interpretive Communication to peer interaction and formative assessments

Students use stickies to post evidence of the themes they found in José Martí's Versos Sencillos. 


Websites used to help enhance students' perspective, understanding, and use of comparisons as the lesson continued.

José Martí 

Diego Rivera 

Juan Luis Guerra


Number 2: Use effective evaluation/assessment systems to measure students’ growth and development.

Fair vs Equal poster




Artists Quiz-Interpretive


Culinary Arts

Student Performance-Presentational

Proyecto de Paella from Deana Zorko on Vimeo.



This summative performance assessment is the culminating activity of a level 3 thematic unit based on understanding cultural perspectives related to the culinary arts in the Spanish speaking world.


Social Justice

Conversation- Artistas-Presentational/Interpersonal




Summative Assessment: Essay Prep and Essay Example-Presentational


Myths & Legends 

Presentational communication example of a student created myth.

Proyecto pánico-ejemplo-conejos gigantes.mp3


Presentational Communication examples of student created legend. Legends included both a written portion and the reading of their legend in an oral recording. Students brainstormed possible natural occurrences for their topic and no topic could be repeated by multiple students. 


Written Student Sample 



Student Oral Performance

 El volcan.mp3

Unit Plan-Mysteries and Legends


Number 3: Strengthen students’ skills of initiative and self-direction to encouraging leadership and personal responsibility in their own learning while supporting them to achieve regardless of learning differences as they hone personal productivity and accountability skills to increase language proficiency and cultural knowledge.



Proficiency Goals

Pathway to Proficiency poster



Global Education Achievement Certificate




Student Trip to Modern Art Museum in Madrid


The environment and giving back-Student service 

Costa Rica photos



WAFLT eVoice-High Tech/Low Tech articles



Reference Materials

Unit Planning Template 1

Unit Planning Template 2 

MMSD Guiding Principles for Grading

Common Core Quick Reference

West High School High Five

Costa's Levels of Questions 

Bloom's Taxonomy


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